The BBC has been the greatest source of radio drama for over sixty years. From the early days of the iconic Saturday Night Theatre the corporation has created dramatisations, adapted classic books and encouraged new writers. Many of these programmes are still available to listen to – if you know where to find them.  The BBC also makes its content available for a limited time on its iplayer service. However there is another way to obtain BBC content for keeps for upto 30 days after it has been broadcast.

Each day Radio 4 has  two 15 minute drama slots, an afternoon drama of 45 minutes and on Saturdays it hosts an hour long show. Each Sunday at 3 pm there is an adaption of a classic serial. Its baby brother Radio 4 Extra hosts nothing but archived BBC drama content which is a rich source of material. And Radio 3, the classical music station, has a lengthy drama each Sunday evening. And not forgetting that each day  Radio 4 hosts the world’s longest-running radio soap, The Archers.

I have created this site for enthusiasts of radio drama and to share material, sources and express opinions.

Happy listening








5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Well golly gosh! Good to finally see someone who checked me out too and actually has something in common! (Mostly I get aloof types with pictures of food, claiming they are a recipe… and there is no recipe… just a picture of food…)

    It’s always been so wonderful bbc kept radio drama alive. Even Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy was a radio drama before other formats. And I still adore that one.


    • Hi created this to reach out to like minded souls. Have recorded zillions of BBC radio output over the years and especially partial to ghoulish goings on. I’m sure I’ve lots of House of Dark Shadows paperbacks tucked away somewhere – just can’t figure out where! Recently listened to Lovecraft’s New England horrorfest which was awesome.


      • Oh wow, I want a copy of that paperback if you’re willing to sell. Unless you mean the DS Marilyn Ross books since I have a lot of those. (olive green covers, et all). I know what you mean about looking for like-minded souls. Well, I’m not sure what I can offer since I’m pretty swamped but good to interact with you.


      • Groovy. Well good luck finding them. They aren’t bad. But I am mainly looking for a copy of the House of Dark Shadows film novelization. I’m not even sure who wrote that one, but there is more stuff in it that I’m curious about. Feel free to email, too. (Erm, unless you’d like fun conversation on this log entry… hee hee hee.)


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